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Coughing at a child at night - what does it mean how to treat it?

It happens that the child does not show signs of illness all day, there is no runny nose, typical allergy symptoms (e.g. watery eyes), and at night he begins to cough. It does not always wake up, it can cough in sleep - usually at night it is a dry, suffocating cough, less often wet ... The toddler can wake up refreshed, without other symptoms.

Should the cough itself bother the parent? What to associate with it? How to treat night cough in children, how to prevent it?

Night cough persists for more than 4 weeks is considered chronic and should be evaluated by a GP and often followed by an allergist, ENT specialist and gastrologist. Coughing at night can have different causes and result from diseases and irregularities in various systems. Keeping a cough journal that includes frequency, time, and triggers observed It can be helpful in monitoring and assessing the need for immediate contact with a physician.

A child's cough at night can be caused by the following problems

Chronic secretion flow down the back of the throat

This syndrome is a common cause of nocturnal cough in children. We observe it when it is produced in the nose excessive mucus, which collects on the back of the nose during the day, and at night when the child changes position, it can run down the back of the throat. This causes irritation and provokes a defensive reaction - coughing.

The problem deepens breathing cold or dry air, infections such as: cold or flu, allergies, nasal mucosa irritation caused by tobacco smoke, pollution, dust. The problem with the syndrome of chronic flow of secretions down the back of the throat often occurs in children under six years of age.

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