Pregnancy / Childbirth

Pregnant cellulite creams - which are effective?

Female body during pregnancy undergoes a great metamorphosis, body weight increases, the abdomen and breasts increase significantly, the skin becomes more stretched, the subcutaneous fat is more visible and accumulates more easily.

Elevated estrogen levels in pregnancy I intensify the tendency to cellulite even more. Many future mothers watch their body with concern, fearing that the problem of cellulite will be more noticeable day by day.

Questions arise: how to prevent cellulite during pregnancy? What creams should you use to avoid endangering the developing baby?

What to avoid in anti-cellulite creams during pregnancy?

The most commonly used preparation for cellulite is a cream or lotion. It is enough to grease it several times a day and wait until it is absorbed. Unfortunately, not every anti-cellulite cream is recommended during pregnancy. Many preparations contain dangerous ingredients that can be harmful to pregnancy.