Small child

Mom, Dad, are you still far away ?, I'm hungry!, I'm bored !!!, Cold !, Warm! ...

Do you know it

Long hours spent in the car, plane, train or bus are not very attractive for many adults.
So what is surprising to our little ones that this time lasts forever.

Limited mobility, steady motor turbulence, uninteresting landscape outside the window, temperature, traffic jams and many other stimuli make the child quickly lose patience, get irritated, get tired of traveling alone and simply
in the world is bored. So what to do in such situations?

I am not going to persuade you to take the whole suitcase of toys, games and food :)

I will only tell you what entertainment and small equipment can be useful in such situations. For this I will give you a nice one
an example of transporting treats / snacks for a child and an idea for a portable paper table from which (almost) nothing will fall.

Several times a year, my husband and our daughter (3 years 4 months) travel by plane.

Our luggage is therefore very limited, especially the one that we take with us on board.

In addition, there are passengers for whom it is inconceivable that children sometimes cry or that they rarely sleep the entire flight lasting several hours.

It is obvious that you need to take care of your child, give him your attention, but as parents we know that everything does not always go our way.

So let's show some understanding ...

We, in extreme cases (obviously irritated, for example, that the child sings under the travelers' noses) politely suggest buying a "business class" ticket or renting a private plane. Prior to apologizing of course for hmm ... "Disturbing peace ...?", "Breaking from the state of REN ...?" I do not even know what to call ...

All right, never mind. Returning to our organizational matters.

First point: "Mom / Dad, I'm hungry !!!" A classic. It doesn't surprise me anymore. It does not matter that a large portion of dinner was "pulled in" literally a minute ago, there will always be a place for snacks / treats (especially when there is nothing better to do), even in the esophagus, because this place is usually indicated by my daughter when she knows that her stomach full but "eyes would still eat" :)

We suggest taking with you a small container for jewelry, nails, into which we can hide several different delicacies (attention, we remember about healthy food).

A large number of small windows allows us to diversify and convenient to use and transport snacks.