Where what to buy for a child? Cheapest purchases, promotions - weekly list

As every week, we present to you a list created after reviewing the offers of major hypermarkets and supermarkets. Where should you go shopping this week?

Here is a small cheat sheet.


  • Nestle milk-rice porridge different types at PoloMarket for PLN 5.99 per item when buying two pieces,
  • various types of BoboFrut desserts at PoloMarket for PLN 3.49 per one piece when buying two pieces,
  • Nan Pro 2 or 3 milk in PoloMarket for one piece 16.49 PLN when buying two pieces,
  • Bebilon Pro Natura milk at Super-Pharm for PLN 59.99 instead of PLN 69.99,
  • Nestle Nan Pro milk at Super-Pharm at PLN 46.99 for 800 grams,
  • Gerber soup or dinner 125 grams (various types) at PoloMarket for PLN 3.19
  • BoboVita mousse dishes for children at Super-Pharm for PLN 5.99 instead of PLN 7.49,
  • BoboVita desserts in children's mousses at Super-Pharm for PLN 3.49 instead of PLN 4.49,


  • Pampers Economy Box Plus diapers at Tesco for PLN 72.99 (size 3 - 132 pieces)
  • Jelp fabric softeners with a LifeStyle card at Super-Pharm for PLN 7.99 instead of PLN 11.99
  • Hipp care products for children and babies at Super-Pharm 25% cheaper,
  • Nivea Baby whole series in Super-Pharm 25% cheaper,
  • Cleanic Kindii baby wet wipes at Super-Pharm for PLN 11.99 instead of PLN 13.99.
  • Avent all baby bottles at Super-Pharm 25% cheaper,
  • Pampers baby wipes at Super-Pharm at PLN 11.99 for 4 packs.

Promotion time

Auchan 29.01-04.02.2015

Kaufland 29.01-04.02.2015

Real 29.01-11.02.2015
Tesco 1/29/04/2015

PoloMarket 28.01.-03.02.2015

Super-Pharm from 29/01/2015