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Tilapia in the child's diet - good, but from time to time

Tilapia in the child's diet - good, but from time to time

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According to the National Fisheries Institute operating on the American market, tilapia it the fourth most frequently chosen product in the category of sea gifts, right after shrimp, salmon and tuna. This fish therefore has an important place on our fish-poor menu. The average Pole eats only 7-8 kg of fish a year. Meanwhile, according to nutritionists, we should eat fish twice a week.

Tilapia is freshwater fish. It is popular because it is easy to breed, and therefore cheap. There is no problem with giving her different types of feed. It also has an interesting taste - it is thin. It is imported to Poland mainly from China.

Unfortunately, it is more and more often said that eating tilapia is not the best choice.

In 2008, researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine published a study comparing fatty acid levels among popular fish. It turned out that tilapia did not look good in this statement. It contained much less valuable fatty acids than popular other fish: salmon or mackerel, just like it contains little vitamin A and D.

Same tilapia does not contain too many omega-3 anti-inflammatory acids as well as having influence on brain development and cognitive functions. The main reason for eating fish is not relevant to tilapia. Thanks to it, we will not provide too many vitamins.

Tilapia also has little fat. At one time the internet was shocked by the information that tilapia was fed with animal faeces. This information has not been confirmed.

Does this mean that fish can harm a child? Fortunately, not really, but it should be added - consumed in moderation. Eating tilapia is advisable, because the inclusion of different fish in the menu means that various so-called fatty acid profiles are provided, which has the advantage that their absorption is improved.

There are other benefits of tilapia - easy availability and quick cooking. However, allergies should avoid this fish. It is not recommended for people with heart disease.