Small child

Traveling with a small child - yes or no?

The child changes our lives forever. Suddenly it turns out that we have much less time for myself, new priorities appear, we often have to change plans and adapt them to a new family member. The fact of the appearance of a small being in the world should not, however, cause that we will give up dreams. We may not always be able to fully realize them, it will probably take more time than we planned or we will have to modify them a bit, but we should not give them up.

Raising a child can be reconciled with developing their own passions. While the hobby does not require a lot of work, time or long absences from us, continuing it after the birth of a child depends mainly on our mobilization and desire. But what if the passion of a young parent's life is distant, exotic travel?

What to do with a toddler when we dream of a long trip abroad? There are several solutions: we can give up the journey, postpone it until the toddler has grown up a bit, go alone, leaving the toddler under the care of grandparents, for example, or pack one additional backpack and take the child with us.

Each of these options undoubtedly has its opponents and supporters. Let's start with those who can not imagine an option other than traveling together with the whole family. What do they usually pay attention to?

A happy parent is a happy child

A child should not limit us and enrich our lives. So let's not treat it as the proverbial "crutch", which only spoils our plans - such words can often be heard from the lips of parents traveling with children. They point out that when we become a mother or father, we do not stop being a woman and a man, a friend and friend, sister and brother, or just a traveler or traveler, so we should not give up our passions. Only this parent who is happy alone can give happiness to his child.

The family should be together

The most valuable thing a parent can offer his child is the time spent together. Traveling together means that the toddler has mother and dad exclusively 24 hours a day. Sometimes for several weeks or even months. Which child has such an opportunity in modern, speeding life, filled with everyday duties? And yet being together cannot be replaced. This is a priceless value, although currently very scarce. Thanks to this, family members have the opportunity to get to know each other well, check in crisis moments, learn to talk to each other and create strong bonds. Besides, as travelers explain: We are a family and we should be together, we want to be together, so why should we go without our kids?

Travel teaches!

A child traveling has the opportunity to see and experience many new things. It is said that travel educates and this is certainly true. Thanks to them, we meet new people, foreign culture, language, customs, which makes us more open, brave and tolerant, easier to establish contacts with others and find in different situations. Travel also teaches patience, dealing with adversities, because we never know what can happen to us during them. The enormity of stimuli that the toddler experiences during the journey is invaluable and has an extremely positive effect on his development. It is different, for example, to see an elephant on television or on the neck of a book, and to have the opportunity to observe it in its natural environment.

What the shell will soak up when you are young ...

It also happens that parents, for whom travel is a life passion, would also like to see their children as travelers. They take them with them in the hope that they will manage to infect the little ones with love for distant travels, according to the principle "how the shell will soak up when young ...". Even if this does not happen, thanks to travels they will learn how interesting to spend time with other people and how fascinating the world that surrounds us can be. During trips, there is no time for hours of sitting in front of the TV or computer screen, but there are plenty of other attractions, opportunities to play and move outdoors, and all this has a positive effect on both the physical and mental health of the child. Travels awaken his imagination, motivate him to discover new places and meet new people, encourage him to spend his free time actively, which will undoubtedly pay off in the future.

Is a traveling child a smarter child?

A toddler who travels knows more about the world around him. The world consists of many colors: joy, wealth and happiness mix with poverty, sadness and suffering. A child who has had the opportunity to come across such different life situations and learn about various human stories, even though he may not be able to understand everything at all, he becomes sensitive to other people's problems, teaches empathy and perceives the needs of his neighbor. It is also impossible to take a lot of material things on long trips, the capacity of even the largest backpack is limited, thanks to which the toddler begins to notice how much more important than objects (amazing how fast it turns out without how many of them we can do!), There are people and our relationship with them.

However, not everyone approaches it this way ... For many parents, taking a small child, let alone a baby, on a long journey is simply irresponsibility and they would never decide. Which arguments do they use most often to explain their choice?

It's dangerous!

One of the main arguments against traveling with young children is the possibility of putting them in danger, such as: exotic diseases, accidents or kidnappings. Before each trip, you need to do the necessary tests, get vaccinated, take out insurance, find out as much as possible about the country we are going to, etc. Despite this, we can never guarantee that we will be able to protect our child from all threats of being in a foreign country, a different culture, far from home, when we sometimes have to count on ourselves. The hardships of distant travel can be unbearable for a small child.

Holidays with a child are not holidays ...

With a small child, nothing can be planned 100 percent, everything must be adjusted to its rhythm of the day, which makes many things have to be abandoned - complain, those parents who take a baby or a toddler for long trips in foreign countries consider it an effective method to ruin your vacation. Not everywhere you can go with children, because they are with us, it is not always possible to implement everything we planned, sometimes we will have to change our earlier plans. All this causes that his presence begins to weigh on us ... We feel that the child limits us and forces us to make decisions that we do not want. As a result, we are tired, irritable, disappointed and the toddler begins to disturb us completely. Who would like to stop visiting the beautiful, historic cathedral several times because of the loud crying of an infant or give up a boat ride to the other side of the picturesque island, because it would be too dangerous for a child?

Toddler needs rituals

For a small child, the feeling of security is extremely important. An infant needs rituals - pediatricians urge. It is important that his every day look more or less the same: at the same time a meal, a nap, a walk, a bath - thanks to this he will be calmer and less tearful, which will make it easier for parents to look after him. However, it is difficult to keep such a rhythm while traveling. After all, then every day can look completely different! Once we sleep on the train, once on the plane, once on the ferry, we have different meal times and go to bed at a different time every day. The child also requires us to ensure a good night's sleep and proven, valuable meals, which we can not always do outside of home.

The child will not remember anything about it

I understand that they like it, but it's their passion, why drag a child with you? - such words of indignation can be heard from some parents when they learn about another infant visiting Peru or another exotic corner of the world. After all, the child will not remember anything about it, so why all this? - they ask. Undoubtedly, a baby, several months old, asked years later if he is able to recall something from his travels, will admit that he is not. It will be the same with a year-old or two-year-old. It is said that the first memories come only from about the third year of our lives, we do not remember anything from before this period. However, many sensations remain, everything we saw, heard and felt at that time stimulated our senses to develop faster and better.

What is the best solution then? Take the child with you, can it be better to postpone our plans for later? Each parent must make their own decision regarding the pros and cons. It should be remembered, however, that the most important thing for us should be the good and safety of the toddler and that each journey should be properly prepared.

And you, would you take a baby abroad or even to the other continent? Maybe you have already done it? Or are you more inclined to the arguments of opponents of traveling with a small child?