Pregnancy / Childbirth

Some interesting facts about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a mystical state in many countries. Still not fully explored and understood. Like the phenomenon of birth, which the child decides in natural conditions, sending a signal to his mother that it is ALREADY. There are some changes in pregnancy that few know about. There are also those who get to know women just by carrying a child under their hearts. We collected them for you.

Ah, these hormones ...

Hormones in pregnancy are responsible for its proper conduct and fetal development. The most visible change is in the level estrogen, which is almost 1000 times more than before pregnancy. It is this hormone that is responsible for the entire spectrum of changes: enlargement of the uterus, development of milk ducts, increase in blood volume, mood swings, instinct to build a nest.

A pregnant woman is warmer

All because you are more hungry during pregnancy because of acceleration of metabolic rate by 25%, which, in turn, increases heat generation and body temperature. Unfortunately, such a change is also associated with an increased amount of sweat and with frequent cravings and the need for food.

A faster beating heart

In pregnancy increases by about 30% blood volume, it is calculated per liter that causes about 1.5 liters more blood to flow in the blood vessels than before. The increased amount of blood has a strict impact on the activation of the heart, which must work at a higher speed to transfuse it. The result is a faster heart rate, i.e. a faster heartbeat.

The most popular date of birth

Not at all hot, short nights are the most common moment of procreation, as many people think (according to research, as many as 35% of people happened to refuse intercourse due to heat). Colder days foster rapprochement. According to a study We like sex after dark 13 times. The highest number of conceptions occurs around Christmas and New Year (in the week preceding Christmas, twice as many condoms are sold than on other days of the year). American scientists have managed to determine that the most popular date of birth is September 16. In turn, the least popular days are: January 1, December 25 and February 29.

The researchers emphasize that most children are born at the end of September (although July is also popular in Poland), and the least in April and January. Other studies concern not the births but the sexes of children, an investigation by American scientists suggests that more boys are born than girls in June.

Birthday day and day of the week

The data from 2000-2011 also examined which day of the week is the most popular for newborn children in Poland. It turned out that 50% of them were born on Monday, and only 0.4% on weekends (not because the day was chosen by children, but because at the weekend many maternity wards are working at slow speed, so giving birth on a day off is a little more risky than during the week).

Unclean pregnancy and childbirth

In different cultures, pregnancy and childbirth are treated differently. For example among the Roma it is believed that a pregnant woman is unclean and more easily exposed to the influence of evil powers. Shortly after delivery, all the things that the woman giving birth touch are burning. In addition, before a young mother baptizes a child, Roma avoid contact with her and the newborn.
In the Sahara, on the other hand, it is traditionally born in the desert, and during childbirth a woman is accompanied only by a village midwife and husband. All this so that, according to tradition, blood soaks into the sand ... and the delivery took place in an intimate atmosphere.

At first, girls and boys look the same

Before the gynecologist provides information about the child's sex, both the female and male embryos look the same. It was not until 9 weeks that girls and boys separate sex organs.

Fathers with stressful jobs more often have daughters

This is due to the high levels of stress hormones that affect the balance of sex hormones.

Feet grow in pregnancy

This fact is noticed by the majority of women, which, however, astonishing larger foot size remains forever. The reason is not only the swelling of the feet ... Everything due to loosening of the ligaments and an additional kilogram load. That's why most pregnant women buy new footwear.

During pregnancy, more realistic dreams appear

Often, unfortunately, nightmares, very unbelievable, and at the same time extremely realistic, after which a woman sometimes wakes up in a sweat. The most common cause is hormonal changes. Sometimes dreams relate to childbirth, fear of illness and in this case fulfill a therapeutic function. They let you prepare for a new role, tame your fears and calm down intrusive thoughts.

The secret of right- and left-handedness

She is already associated with the 10th week of pregnancy, during which the fetus moves one of the hands, preferring one side. Choosing it is followed by changes in the brain that affect your whole life. So first the child chooses a "more active hand", which carries the direction of brain development, and not the reverse as previously thought.

The number of emperors is growing

Statistics from around the world show one trend. The number of emperors is growing. The World Health Organization indicates that the number of cesarean sections was 15%. Meanwhile in Poland it exceeds 32%. How do the doctors comment on this condition? They indicate the majority of pathological pregnancies than a few decades ago. In addition, the reason is fear: that if there are complications during childbirth by a natural means, then the doctor will be accused of an error in art ... A large number of emperors are also "treatments on request".