Parenting under the microscope

Surely you have heard about the story of Szymon from Będzin, a toddler whose face the whole Poland tried to identify after finding his corpse in Cieszyn. The boy was buried as NN. Today, after two years, its history is still loud. The police finally managed to find out who the boy's parents were. Szymon's story also mobilized the Government to develop a system that would counteract similar situations.

Szymon's story

The police, who searched the houses two years ago in the area where the boy was found, checking if the number of children agreed, also reached Szymon's parents. However, during the visit they presented the officers with a child of a similar age. They did the same at the outpatient clinic during the vaccination. That is why we only met the finale of this story today.

Monitoring the child's fate

The story of a two-year-old motivated governments to address the problem on a larger scale. The Minister of Labor began work on monitoring the fate of children. The specially created database would receive information about children who are suspected of using violence.

There are plans to set up a special team that will develop the way the system works. However, before they move at full speed, it is planned to implement a pilot program. The said system would group information about children from difficult families coming from schools, kindergartens, family doctors, a guardian, police or social welfare. Family courts could read the contents of the database, and if there were greater doubts as to the records, they would have a chance to take a closer look at selected families. A similar system exists in England.

Creating this system becomes a necessity. There are too many cases of child abuse. The police estimate that every eighth intervention concerns family violence. Unfortunately, many of them are only coming to light when the tragedy becomes ...