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How to make your life easier? Contest results

Thank you all for participating in the competition. We are pleased that we could read your answers to the competition.

However, the rules of the competition are inexorable. We were able to identify three answers, and thus three Winners, to whom the Angelcare diaper container will be sent.


1. How can a young parent make his life easier?

1. Let me help you! And more difficult, don't be afraid to ask for help.
A friend will probably be happy to wash dishes, if you ask. Grandma will take her grandson for a walk and grandpa will change the diaper. Guests will hold the toddler in their arms. And you take advantage of these moments.

2. Share your responsibilities with your partner.
It is worth setting clear rules - I cook today, you vacuum. I change the morning diaper before leaving for work, and you hang up the laundry. Men should be clearly told what is expected of them, they will certainly be willing to participate more actively in family life.

3. Sleep when you can!
Yes, the saying "sleep when your child is sleeping" is funny. You might as well finish this sentence by saying: 'clean up when your child cleans and cooks, when he also cooks'. Well, there is a ton of responsibilities that you have to do when your toddler takes a nap. But the parent's dream is also extremely important. It is worth taking at least one nap during the day, such a dream can put on its feet and give strength to more efficiently perform the rest of the duties;)

4. It is worth remembering one thing: a happy parent is a happy child!
In this crazy new world, remember about yourself and your partner. Take care of your relationships. Pamper yourself. Pack your toddler in a pram and fly on a date to the restaurant. When the toddler goes to sleep, spend time together. And hug a lot!

5. And don't panic!
Nothing will happen if you don't clean the oven one Saturday. The world will not collapse, as it will be a mess for a few days. Rubbish can also be thrown away tomorrow. Do not regret time for fooling around with your child. Such moments are the most precious and it is the most pleasant memories! And you will forget that the bathroom was not cleaned next week :)
Natalia Sobuń

How to make your life easier with a child?

5 points is enough, basically one would be enough, because nothing is more important than peace and pushing aside everyday life "before the child" ... now this former everyday life is completely unusual, but to the point, if there are points, they will be like that ...

1. easy - anyway, only peace can save us :) and seriously - your child is like a membrane, so take care of your emotions.
2. find time to just smile at the baby ... it's not that dirty diapers can roll around, but for a toddler a moment of closeness is more important than a caftan ironed into a crease.
3. (rather, I have) - sleep when the baby is sleeping ... well, maybe not every time and not every day, but regenerate from time to time - lack of sleep is frustration, and this will cause that from points 1 and 2 threads - both of you will be unhappy.
4. parents share responsibilities, share a child ... maybe sometimes mom willingly goes shopping alone - it's so unusual to go to the store one by one :)
5. do not listen to advice, listen to yourself and your child - you know them best ... let all 5 or 10 points write - you know that no points can describe your child! Anna Kurij

How can you make your parent's life easier?

Jeju, being a parent is so SUPER easy!
If you don't know everything before birth, it's shame and shame: D

1. The best we have to help two Mums - at once (yours and daddy's), at least 4 omniscient aunts and a grandmother could use, which rubs the baby with garlic, ties a red ribbon on the handle and wraps in an infinite number of clothes;
2. It is good to have a conversation with the newborn at the beginning, so long and serious, clearly set the rules in this world and at home. He must know that at night we do not scream, we do not cry, we only sleep because it is night;
3. The topic of poop ... This aspect is also worth discussing the aforementioned conversation, so that there is later ambiguity. Unfortunately, even if I do not know what, we will not avoid changing the fragrant diaper, but it's nice as if while checking if the "clean" area has not yet appeared another swirl straight into the nose;) Ah and the same with the fountain, you can cover the murder weapon with a special hat, but a well-conducted conversation should prevent such excesses. Disposal of a dirty diaper is handled by Diaper Special Services equipped with baskets for dirty diapers. We don't even have to touch it;
4. Difficulty falling asleep? The invention of large corporations that produce hair dryers! The child falls asleep best at the word "Sleep", you don't even need to dim the lights or turn down the TV. Carrying on your arms, carrying a car or rocking in a pram is a mess. It is worth asking your neighbor to come with his noisy dog ​​to immunize the child against external factors, as well as to the ringing telephone;
5. And in no case do not listen to your intuition! The Internet knows best, verify all symptoms on or another great guide. The best are these anonymous tips;)

And seriously, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I'm afraid to even think what will happen :) it's good that I have the support of my husband who wonders with me about everything: from choosing a diaper through feeding to going for a walk. I certainly wouldn't be able to do all this without him. I read a lot, listen to what everyone is saying and create an action plan in my head. It may help, maybe not, but I feel calmer :) Izabela Jędrasik