Parental hits

BabySmart - a simple idea in an original implementation

I'll start with the fact that our three-year-old does not like pillows under the bottom. Every time when at a family meeting someone proposes her a solution so that she can sit higher and more comfortable at the table, she categorically refuses. So far I have not been able to determine why ... :)

Therefore, when this product was delivered to the editor's address, we gladly started testing.

What are our - my and daughters' opinions?

At first glance

When I saw the product on the website, I imagined a plastic platform for a child - hard and cold to the touch. That's why I was surprised when I had the opportunity to touch BabySmart. It turned out that the material from which it is made is elastic.

This is not plastic! The seat does not contain PVC. The product is made of soft and durable foam (antibacterial and waterproof), which is very comfortable to use.

The seat adheres well to the ground and the material adapts to the user's body.


To make it stable, the seat must have adequate weight, which is why it is massive, but not so much that it cannot be lifted by a child - the product weighs 1.9 kilograms. Our three-year-old had no major problem with transporting, lifting and moving from place to place.


BabySmart is available in several colors. We had the opportunity to test light green. And although I'm not enthusiastic about this color, I must admit that the color was chosen with taste - it is neither too intense nor bland.


BabySmart are two product models for children from 2 to 6 years old - with low or profiled, raised backrest.


BabySmart has a special case that makes it easy to transport. Just zip up and you're done.


BabySmart seat is, as you can guess, to sit. Theoretically, there is no surprise. It is used at the table so that the child sitting on the chair was taller and could easily eat, paint or play. The seat can be put on a chair, bench, at home, in a restaurant. No pinning required. Adheres to the surface under the weight of the child.

However, you can also use them differently: on the floor, just during spontaneous play. The daughter found several ways to try this product - she joyfully jumped on the seat, turned it over and tested it on the other side, where there are grooves, planted teddy bears, fed dolls, lay down, etc.

BabySmart endured everything without prejudice ... Decent :)

This is not a necessary product, but certainly useful and well made!

The cost is PLN 169.