Baby pillow - underlay or not?

Completing the layette and necessary things for the newborn child gives a lot of satisfaction to parents. Cute, tiny clothes, diapers, teethers, bedding - everything a child needs. For many products, the decisive voice has a tasting taste.

However, the problem arises when you need to buy a cot, mattress, quilt and pillow to suit your child, but also to be safe. While the quilt and mattress are necessary, the matter of pillows remains the subject of many discussions. The opinions of pediatricians are divided and it is difficult to choose the right solution.

Why a pillow at all?

When buying a quilt for an infant, we often get a thin pillow in the set. Also when you buy baby bedding, there is a pillowcase in the set. This is not surprising.

The pillow is a component of every bedding, it is designed to make the user's sleep more pleasant. And if sleeping on a pillow is comfortable, why not give her child not only while sleeping, but also during rest?

Pillows are usually soft, they also absorb small falls, which is why parents willingly put a baby on them or lay them down so that the child can "see" the surrounding world better.

Laying on a pillow and infant development

The body of the newborn needs to be kept in a straight line, the head flush with the spine, while placing the pillow can disturb the position of the body, which becomes unnatural, which can lead to malformations, e.g. deformation of the head.

The baby's head usually moves in line with the body during the day, which promotes muscle development. Unfortunately, even a thin pillow can make it difficult. The child wanting to move the head in place, feels resistance, which tightens the muscles of the neck and back, which in turn can lead to asymmetry.

Often, the pillow is large and not only the head is lying on it, but also part of the torso and back, so that the child can bend his torso back unnaturally. Babies often like to turn around, especially on the tummy, and the presence of the pillow not only limits these movements, but also becomes dangerous to life. On the other hand, covering the child with pillows forces the spine and neck to take a half-sitting position, for which the baby is not prepared in the first months of life.

Baby pillow necessary?

There are many indications that suggest that a baby pillow is necessary, although it does not allow the child to develop properly.

Babies who have problems with excessive downpouring, gastroesophageal reflux should lie on the pillow so that they do not risk being caught in the stomach contents.