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Crea Magnet magnetic case

A magnetic suitcase is better than a puzzle because you can play with it anywhere. Also because of the same elements you can arrange a lot of combinations, not just one picture. You can take it on a journey, without fear of losing small parts (they all stick to the magnetic surface). The suitcase has the advantage over crayons or markers: that the magnets do not get dirty, there is no fear that the magnet will break or there is no need to provide new cards, as is the case with drawing games.

A suitcase with magnets stimulates the imagination, allows for joyful fun, and after recreating all the proposed designs, creative time to invent more.

You can't complain about the build quality. Magnets are interestingly and colorfully decorated. Even the price in comparison with the quality is not so terrifying.

Price: 90 PLN.