Dr Witt Multi-fruit drink (southern fruit)

We can find many products on the market, so it's difficult to complain about the selection. Sooner than because of the insufficient number of proposals, we will be disgusted with the readability of the labels, information that is misleading, or describing the same ingredients at other times, in order to make the product more attractive and increase its sales.

The more it deserves, plus, a good description of this product. All important information, including one that I would like to draw your attention to, is given in "standard" font. The manufacturer does not hide them, but simply informs about what theoretically he would not have to write about.

"Dr Witt Premium Concentration is a multifruit drink with concentrated juice. Fruit content minimum 35%. Cloudy. Pasteurized. Dr Witt Premium Concentration is a delicious drink with an exotic taste of southern fruits. It combines the activating power of magnesium, caffeine and guarana to help you make the most of your mind's natural abilities. Restores focus, eliminates drowsiness, supports creative thinking. High caffeine content; not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women (contains 20 mg caffeine in 100 ml of drink) thickening - mine "

For comparison, the Burn energy drink has 35 mg caffeine in 100 ml, i.e. 15 mg more, Red Bul 33 mg per 100 ml, Lipton tea 7 mg caffeine in 100 ml, chocolate from 18-24 mg caffeine in a 100 g plate, Coca-Cola 9 , 4 mg caffeine in 100 ml and Pepsi 10.1 mg in 100 ml.

Information on contraindications for use by pregnant, nursing and children can be found on energy drinks. It is not on cola or pepsi. Do you think she should be there?

Have you encountered this information on other food products?