BoboLider diapers reviews

Three reusable diapers BoboLider from the latest collection available for several weeks in the online store. Almost immediately we started to watch and then test.

At first glanceā€¦

BoboLider provides decorated diapers interesting, intense patterns, made of soft, pleasant to the touch material (from the outside PUL material - protecting the clothes against leaks, and inside - pleasant to the touch polarki). The new BoboLider diaper line was designed by Polish designer Joanna Sowa from Ho Ho Design.

Nappies have a back pocket, in which a replaceable absorbent pad is placed. Can be chosen three-layer microfibre insert, as well as bamboo inlay (a diaper with a bamboo insert is more expensive, it costs 31 zlotys, a diaper with a microfiber insert is available at a price of about 28 zlotys).

Each diaper has two nap rows for diaper width adjustment and two rows for length selection, thanks to which we were able to easily adapt the diaper to the construction of a six-month girl.

What impressions?

Primarily the diaper does not leak. After a little wetting, you can replace the refill itself, without having to replace the pocket, which may seem illogical to people who do not use reusable diapers, but it's true: I checked and there is no need to change the entire diaper every time.

We did not have any setback when using the supplied products. Plus also for the price, which encourages us to test reusable diapers and make a decision: whether it is a good solution for us or not. It is very attractive against the backdrop of other Polish designers and distributors.

After several washes pockets: the color has not faded. The manufacturer ensures that subsequent washes also do not affect its quality. In turn, the cartridges dry quickly and are quite absorbent. Pockets can be washed at 35 degrees, and cartridges at 30 to 90 degrees.

BoboLider diapers are designed for the entire period of diapers. All of them have the necessary international SGS certificates. In addition, the positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.

Similar to other reusable diapers, BoboLider is also slightly larger than disposable diapers, but not enough to complain about this fact.


Unfortunately, the diapers in the thigh area left an impression, leaving a red line unpleasant to the eye. I did not notice that it caused discomfort for the little tester, but it did not improve my well-being. I do not know if it is a matter of building a child or personal preferences and sensitivity of the skin. Perhaps other babies have no similar problem.

In addition, the downside may be what the manufacturer honestly indicates on the packaging: diapers made in China. That is why the Polish producer is only the originator of the pattern, structure, workmanship and colors. If production took place in Poland, it would undoubtedly be HIT. I am aware that at the same time the costs would be higher, but honesty does not allow me to rate this product with the maximum number of stars. In my opinion, the product deserves a strong four!

I would recommend!