Cheapest shopping for children

Where to plan shopping for children to buy products at low prices and save on the most needed products? Every week we present a list of products at attractive prices. We invite you to browse.


  • Hipp dish for children, bulk pack of 2 in Real at PLN 7.99,
  • BoboVita rice porridge in Real packaging for PLN 5.69. BoboVita rice porridge in Tesco 3 packages for PLN 15 (buying one: price PLN 5.69),
  • Gerber dessert 2x190g pack for PLN 7.49 (various types) in Tesco marektas,
  • Gerber dessert for children, pack 130g, various types at Carrefour for PLN 2.99,
  • Gerber pack 190g dinner for children (various types) Piotr i Paweł offers for 4.39 zlotys,
  • Geber dishes of various types pack 130g in Tesco 4 packets at a price of 10 PLN (buying one price 2.79 PLN),
  • BoboVita children's dish at PLN 2.69 in Real for 125g, BoboVita children's dishes at 125g in Tesco, buying 4 we will pay 9 zlotys (buying one price 2.65 zlotys),
  • BoboVita teas for children pack 400g for PLN 15.39 in Real,
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge pack of 230g for PLN 5.99 at Tesco,
  • Bebiko milk 600g pack at Tesco for PLN 22.99,
  • Nestle Nan milk 2 400g pack for PLN 36.99 at Tesco supermarkets, Nestle Nan Pro modified milk in Kaufland for PLN 31.99 per pack 2x400g,
  • Bebilon baby milk selected packaging types 1.2 kg for PLN 56.99 in Carrefour,
  • Enfamil Premium meko modified for children, pack of 800g for PLN 44.99 at Super-Pharm.
  • Bobo Frut juice 3x300ml plus 300ml for free at Tesco at PLN 7.99 per set,
  • Hipp fruit desserts 125g pack for PLN 3.49 at Super-Pharm,
  • Winnie the juice in 300ml glass bottles for PLN 1.29 at Super-Pharm.

Hygienic products

  • Pampers diapers in Net at a price of PLN 29.95 (various types), Pampers diapers for children (various types) in Real at a price of PLN 37.99, Pampers diapers mega pack 148 pieces at a price of PLN 64.99 at Tesco, Pampers mega pack in Carrefour for PLN 79.99 (various types, Pampers at Super-Pharm for PLN 39.99 for various packaging, Pampers Giant Pack baby diapers in Kaufland for PLN 47.99,
  • Pampers wet wipes pack of 6 for 25.99 at Real supermarkets, Pampers wipes in Kaufland 2 pack for PLN 8.99
  • Bobini baby shampoo for PLN 5.69 in Real,
  • Sleep & Play diaper pamper package selected assortment at PLN 25.99 in Piotr i Paweł,
  • Nivea Baby skincare products for children at PLN 12.99 in Real supermarkets,
  • Gaga wet wipes, pack of 72, for PLN 3.69 at Tesco,
  • Jelp washing powder 2.4 kg. for PLN 33.99 plus free decorations at the Tesco, Jelp stores in Piotr and Paweł supermarkets also at PLN 33.99,
  • Linteo wet wipes pack of 72 At PLN 2.99 in Carefour
  • Nivea Baby selected products Super-Pharm for PLN 9.99 (from 50 to 250ml)
  • Penten at Super-Pharm (selected body care products for children) 20% cheaper.


  • NUK soothers at Super-Pharm 20% cheaper
  • Mochtoys motorek at PLN 49.95 in Real
  • Mascot Furby Cool or Furby Hot in Real for PLN 255
  • Coloring pages with paints (Disney motifs) for 9.99 items at Tesco
  • Green Owl publishers Tesco puzzle books different types for PLN 9.99
  • Karol plastic sledges with brakes at Carrefour for 18.99
  • Playing books of various types in Auchan for 19.99
  • Bricks in a bucket set for 23.45 in Auchan supermarkets


  • Baby body in sizes 56-92 cm in Real supermarkets for the price of 5.99
  • Baby clown in Real at the price of 12.99, sizes 56-86cm
  • Baby jeans pants sizes 3-24 months for 15.99 in Real

Promotion time

Real 12-18.12.2013
Tesco 12/12/12/2013
Carrefour 11/16/12/2013
SuperPharm 12/12/12/2013
Net 12-15.12.2013
Piotr i Paweł 11-17.12.2013
Auchan 11-17.12.2013
Kaufland 12/12/12/2013