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Santa for rent: how to organize it?

When Christmas is approaching, companies employing Saint Nicholas have their hands full and a nice elderly gentleman has a busy schedule. Therefore, if we want to spend Christmas Eve for a while in the company of Santa, it is worth inviting him home in advance, writing a letter, calling or sending an email.

As parents, we have several options to "meet" Santa during the holiday season. The ones completely free (theoretically) and those for which you have to spend several hundred zlotys.

Santa in school / kindergarten

If we want our toddler to meet with Mikołaj, let's make sure he is in kindergarten or school on the day of his visit. Many establishments organize Mikołajki, during which children are visited by an elderly gentleman with a large sack of presents. Toddlers receive gifts, often say poems and sing carols.

Santa in a shopping center

We can also find Mikołaj in shopping malls. Big stores are outdoing each other, offering the youngest photos together with Mikołaj, enabling a short conversation about dreams, forwarding a letter asking for gifts.

Theoretically, the meeting is often free (sometimes even a photo - decorated with the store's logo), but you have to take into account that the goal is simple: increase the sale of the object. A grateful and satisfied parent ... will buy more.

Santa stop

We can plan the whole family or an organized group (for example at school or kindergarten) trip to the town of Nicholas. There, kids can see St. Nicholas 'office, the Reindeer farm, the Elf school, St. Nicholas' Post and many more.

We will visit Mikołaj:

  • in a small village: Drzewina, near the Tri-City,
  • in the town of Dmosin near Warsaw,
  • in JuraPark in Bałtów in Świętokrzyskie,
  • in the town of Zator, 14 km from Wadowice.

Santa - talking on the phone

Parents who want to surprise the little ones can choose the option - telephone conversation with Santa.

Mikołaj, after discussing the details with his parents, dials the number at a specific time, usually on Christmas Eve. One of the companies points out that during such a conversation Santa can listen to a maximum of two children. The cost is PLN 50 (talk time up to 10 minutes). Santa's helpers emphasize that Santa calling to children has a warm voice and knows all the names of reindeer and is familiar with currently fashionable toys. Unfortunately ... we will not pull such a Santa for a beard.

Santa for rent

The cost of renting Santa Claus varies depending on the city, date of visit, company. Usually you have to take into account the price of around 200-250 PLN on Christmas Eve and 100-150 PLN on a different day than Christmas Eve. If Santa is to pick up presents in a place other than the child's apartment, an additional PLN 50 must be added.

In addition, the price increases in the evening.

Santa's home visits last about 20-30 minutes. You need to make an appointment earlier to choose the right time and for the busy man to visit the indicated house. The waiting time for an appointment allows you to prepare poems and songs, which can then be presented to you with a beard.

Santa's outfit

You can also consider renting a Santa outfit. The price ranges from 50 to 200 PLN (depending on the standard of the outfit and the place of ordering).

In this case, you should also make sure that you find a person willing to dress up and ... choose well so that Santa is not easily exposed (here some useful explanation will be useful).

Santa loses his hat or gloves

We can also trust the imagination of children and let Santa lose his glove or hat when placing presents under the Christmas tree. This option is ideal for creative kids (who will be able to imagine the Saint) and parents who prefer economical solutions.

And you, invite Santa to your home?