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10 mistakes of young parents

Everyone makes mistakes, especially as a new parent, who is overwhelmed by the burden of responsibility, and at the same time confuses the belief that the advice he receives is mutually exclusive and the needs that he feels are contradictory. Then it's hard for perfectionism. Anyway, perfect parents ... don't exist.

What mistakes are most often made by a debuting parent? Here is my subjective list.

Tutorials: the gospel of parenthood

When you experience everything for the first time and you are aware that there will be no replay, you may be tempted to hand important decisions to experts. While training and seeking inspiration is good, putting too much hope that someone will solve the problem for us, not so much. There is also something else: the market is flooded with a lot of guides, of which (let's be honest) many are unworthy of our winking eye, it is difficult to assess well when you do not have knowledge and enough time: what to read and what not. Therefore, universal advice is simple: it is worth treating most tutorials with a grain of salt, and with some do not hesitate to anesthetize with a glass of wine. It will be better this way ... for everyone.

Thinking that everything can be planned

Before a child arrives at home, we are the master of our life and time. When a baby is born, we must plan the day and our own needs, taking into account the requirements of a new family member. We will do that every day, probably for the first few years of life. Some do not change this rule long after.

Way? Let it go Plan but accept all deviations, which will be plenty. Sometimes it will be better, sometimes worse, but you can usually reconcile everything (the key "somehow").

Cleaning when the child is gone or asleep

You know this: the child falls asleep, and you take the mop in one, the vacuum cleaner in the other hand, the teeth in the cleaning liquid and fly, clean, romp, sweat. You don't finish anything, but you start everything, believing that it matters and that thanks to this you will be able to regain control over everything. This is not a good idea (even if it seems so). nothing you don't need as much sleep and rest as you do. Turn a blind eye to imperfections, and maybe once you lower your eyelid, you can take a nap? Soon everything will return to normal ... or not. But it will be your decision. And nobody has anything to it.

Thinking that nothing will change in social life

You can fool yourself and everyone around you, believing that giving birth to a child will not change your social life. I also swore that I would find time for everything ... However, the situation will probably look different. There's no other way.

You will certainly be so tired in the evening that you will not be in your head "Collapsing of the night" at your own request. A better perspective will be the opportunity to lie down on the sofa in silence instead of dancing until dawn. Friends (especially those without children) can rebel, but real friends will stay. New ones will also appear.

You will enjoy and only enjoy

Error! The birth of a child is a great joy, but also stress. Added to this is fatigue, sleeplessness, a lot of new responsibilities, and often depression. That is why the belief that you and your partner will tweet and eat from your mouth is still ... naive, although typical. Sooner or later you will be hit by a crisis to which some admit, others don't. It is true, however, that strong relationships emerge from him even stronger and weak ... well. It can be different. However, you need to be realistic and not delude yourself that harder moments will not meet you, because you will definitely face them. In one form or another. We are just humans…