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Toys in coffins ...

Toy manufacturers exceed taboos. First there were Monster High, which with a little imagination, could be considered beautiful, now it's time for the Deadstone Valley, a macabre series of 12 figurines encased in coffins. Each has its own history and unique appearance: the body can be seen injuries that cause death. The packaging has the inscription "3+".

A collection of toys can be bought at Biedronka. Today I visited the store and bought one packet with "Bride Ala, which she picked up every eye, no one wanted her, because she smelled of rotten egg." The store wasn't crowded. I didn't notice the revival among children at the sight of "gruesome toys".

There are maybe five figures left in the basket. Unfortunately, I do not know how many stores the packaging received. Sales results are a secret for now. Both in this one selected store and in Poland. Outside the country, toys are selling quite well.

The manufacturer indicates on the packaging that the toy is not suitable for children from 0-3, but recommends it for children "3+"

On the manufacturer's website, however, we will receive information that the toy is recommended for eight-year-old children. Why this discrepancy? If anyone has doubts whether it is definitely a toy or an adult product, please pay attention to the places highlighted in the photo below (you can enlarge).

The manufacturer indicates on the website that the toys are available in good stores. Among the packaging, the inscriptions on "tombstones" are particularly noteworthy: "drowned, fell off the gangway, when pouring it down", did not keep an eye on "and" ended with a parking meter in his stomach "," for too long messages they closed their mouths and treated as jersey, "" Ziuta, a Chemistry Teacher, released her tidbit, it smelled so bad in the classroom that everything exploded. "

On the packaging, in addition to information that the toy is not intended for children under 3 years of age, there is graphics that it can be given to a 3-year-old. In addition, the producer encourages: "Create and bury your character in the Dark Valley. (...) Enter your unique code from the tombstone and activate the funeral home! "

Why codes? Well, to make the fun more interesting: we gain e.g. additional plots at the cemetery, "Awesome coffin designs" and the option of choosing a caravan that will carry the deceased. We can even choose the weather to be at the funeral.

Why such a product? How do children play with it? The manufacturer indicates that the market dictated the demand for such toys ... There is a general trend among children to play with "scary" and ghostly things. Opponents of such ideas suggest that in a year producers should think about gas chambers and "fashionable" crematoria, let the children have fun ...

What do you think about it?