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Albert's new adventures

Albert Albertson is a character whose adventures have been translated into over 30 languages. Books by Gunilla Bergström have so far been distributed in over 8 million copies. Albert Albertson is known in Germany (here it is called Will Wiberg), in Finland (Mikko Mallikas) and more and more widely also in Poland. The sympathy he evokes can be explained in many ways. However, the key is probably how the author narrates the story. This determines that Albert wants to go back and read them again and again.

Normal boy

The publishing house Zakamarki has just appeared three new books about Albert's adventures: "Who will defend Albert", "Albert and the mysterious Molgan" and "Clever, Albert". In the stories, the little boy has 4 or already 5 five (Albert grows with his readers).

The boy stands out because of his curiosity about the world, he is clever, he can cope in many situations, which does not mean that he does not feel fear and does not get angry when something goes his way or when he feels rejected due to his young age.


In the new stories about Albert, the boy has just moved and, due to the lack of peer company, he creates a friend Molgan who is visible only to him. One day, however, the invisible but very helpful Molgan disappears. This is because Albert meets a boy with whom he befriends. However, friendship turns out to be more difficult than playing with an invisible friend. A true friend does not always do what Albert wants, he has his own opinion, which sometimes leads to quarrels. This is how the author explains what is friendship and how to deal with loneliness. He raises an important topic, because at the age of Albert many children create their "invisible friend".

The second story about Albert and his invisible friend Molgan revolves around Albert's dad. It is already a tradition that in the stories of a little boy just forgiving boy dad appears, not a caring mother. He replaces the woman's favorite place in stories for the youngest. And this is another advantage of the series of stories about Albert.

Another story about Albert is a charming story about a boy who, together with his older cousins, stays with his grandmother. Albert is excluded from playing cards because he is too small. However, sometimes being small has its advantages. For example, you can eat cookies with impunity ... Why?
Read it yourself!

I would recommend! New books about Albert are a great proposition for preschoolers. For the price of 25 zlotys we will receive a great gift for a special occasion or ... without opportunity.