Contest results

"Peter Pan" and "Beauty and the Beast" competition - results

Thank you for participating in the competition and many beautiful works that you sent to the address [email protected] We were very pleased to see your and your children's works. Below we present selected works and list their authors.

We will contact each winner via e-mail. Congratulations! And ... we would like to inform you today that through the website you will be able to win tickets for two ice shows: Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast. Stay tuned for details, details soon!

Wroclaw Piotr Pan 11.12

The work was sent by Linda Rymkiewicz with Wiktoria (age 6)

Warsaw Beauty and the Beast 13.12

Work titled "Dancing Beautiful Bella and the Beast", made of clothes (dress, blouses, vests, pants, socks for the beast's horns and towels, curtains at the ballroom).

The work was sent by Monika Gawrońska with Bartek, 7 years old and Ola, 4 years old

Warsaw Piotr Pan 14.12

The work was sent by Joanna Szczawińska and Patrycja (6 years old)

Cracow Piotr Pan 15.12

The work was sent by Joanna Smolik and Julia (6.5 years old)

Krakow Beauty and the Beast 16.12

The work for the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" was done by Kornelka (7 years old) and Wiktoria Feliksiak (14 years old).

Poznan Peter Pan 18.12

Monika Skikiewicz with her son Karol (4 years old)

The work was done on sheet A3. Food materials were used to make it: pumpkin seeds, mustard, rice, red pepper, green, black, poppy, green button, red feather, seeds, A4 sheet, glue and pencil.

Poznań Beauty and the Beast 19.12

The author of the work is Wiktor 7, 4 years old and mother Sylwia Grabarczyk.