Small child

Car seats: new standards

The ECE R44 / 04 standard, according to which car seats are created today for many parents and experts, is not sufficient. That is why "new things are coming". Soon, every brand on sale will have i-Size car seats.

What is the reason for the decision to introduce new rules for the production of car seats? Manufacturers and experts point to security, actually poor performance of many car seats available for sale in crash tests.

In addition, an important disadvantage of car seats used so far is their size: most of the car seats are too small and will not be enough for babies up to the age of which the manufacturer recommends using them. This forces you to buy a second front-facing car seat: which is a compromise but not quite a good solution.

The new i-Size standard

Experts, weighing all accusations about modern car seats, motivated the UN to appointment of a special commission, which in July 2013 drew up new recommendations.

  • obligation to transport children up to 15 months rear-facing: thanks to which the transport of the youngest children in the car is to be increased, and the head and neck are to be better protected,
  • obligation to carry out additional tests on the car seat in the event of an impact in the side of the car
  • new division of car seats because of the child's height rather than weight, which will avoid too early transplanting children into seats that are not really grown up,
  • recommending the installation of an ISOFIX car seat, which reduces the risk of incorrectly installing the seat.

What about "old" car seats?

The introduction of the new i-Size standard does not preclude approved child seats, compliance with ECE R44 / 04. Everything indicates that until the end of work on the new guidelines you will be able to use "old" car seats. Two types of car seats will be available in stores for some time. Today you can buy new i-Size car seats.