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Hygienic products

  • Johnson's Baby moisturizing wipes bulk pack 4 packs at a price of 18.49 in Real
  • Bella Happy Big Pack baby diapers at a price of 37.99 in Real stores
  • Pampers Active Baby diapers in Lidl for 88 zlotys (one diaper from 47 groszy, Midi 186 pieces, Maxi 162 pieces, Junior 132 pieces)
  • Nivea Baby cosmetics in Real at 13.98 per item (various types)
  • Wet wipes Pampers packaging for 4.99 PLN various types at SuperPharm
  • Nivea Baby wet wipes 3 + 1 for free at PLN 19.99 in the SuperPharm network
  • Pampers Premium Care baby diapers at SuperPharm (various types) for PLN 39.99
  • Ziajka products for the care of children with the LifeStyle card in SuperPharm "-15%", while Penaten offers its entire brand for children with a discount of "-25%"
  • Bambi baby shampoo and free soap (various types) for PLN 5.99 net of VAT.


  • Humana baby milk various types in Real stores at PLN 24.99 per pack
  • BoboVita children's dishes (various types) at PLN 4.59 and desserts (various types) at PLN 4.99 in Real supermarkets
  • Hipp dishes 220 grams of various types in Lidl for PLN 4.99
  • Hipp fruit in Lidl different types 190 g for PLN 4.69.
  • Fruity Hipp Bio Duo with a LifeStyle card for PLN 5.49 at SuperPharm
  • Good night Hipp delicacy two jars at SuperPharm for PLN 9.99
  • Modified baby milk Bebiko different types at PLN 14.49 at SuperPharm, while Carrefour supermarkets offer them at PLN 12.99

Toys and accessories

  • Interactive Disney toy at PLN 129 instead of PLN 199 at Real supermarkets
  • Disney ride on various themes at 79.95 in Real stores
  • snow boots in Lidl for PLN 59
  • children's tights 2 pairs in Lidl PLN 15.99 (size 86-116)

Promotion time:
Real 31.10-06.11.2013
SuperPharm 31.10-13.11.2013
Net November 4, 2013

Lidl from 04/11/2013