"Peter Pan" and "Beauty and the Beast" - win tickets

We have a lot of tickets for you to win for family shows on ice. All performances will take place in December during the Christmas and Christmas period in five cities in Poland: Katowice, Wrocław, Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań.

You want to win yours triple tickets? So take care of painting, sticking, drawing, photographing.

The competition task is simple:

  • choose one theme of the work: the fairy tale "Peter Pan" or "Beauty and the Beast".
  • create a work with your child using any technique: drawing, painting, cut-out, sculpture, composition, photography, etc., whose theme will be the chosen fairy tale.
  • send an email to [email protected]by entering your child's name and surname (and age). In the email title, enter the event you want to take part in, e.g. "Katowice Peter Pan 8.12", "Warsaw Beauty and the Beast 13.12". If you do not care about a specific performance, simply enter "Warsaw" or "Poznań" or "Kraków" in the title of the message. Messages in which the title will not be marked, in which event the author wants to participate (or the city will not be given) will not be taken into account.
  • one person can send any number of applications.

The competition runs from October 21 to November 11, 2013.


In this edition of the competition (the second edition is planned) you can win up to 24 tickets (three tickets for each event).

Look what is there to win:

Peter Pan 8.12 at 14.30 3 ticket art
Wrocław Pater Pan 11.12 at 18.00 3 pcs
Warsaw - Beauty and the Beast 13.12 at 18.00 3 pcs
Warsaw - Peter Pan 14.12 at 11.00 3 pcs
Krakow - Peter Pan 15.12 at 14.30 3 pcs
Krakow - Beauty and the Beast 16.12 hours. 18.00 3 items
Poznań - Peter Pan 18.12 at 18.00 3 pcs
Poznań - Beauty and the Beast 19.12 at 18.00 3 pcs

Detailed regulations are available here.

More about prizes

Peter Pan on Ice

After a great success around the world and a break of several years the show Peter Pan ON ICE will come to Poland! The adventures of one of the most characteristic fairy-tale boys and his companions will certainly delight our youngest kids who may not have heard of Neverland, or Captain Haku. In the multitude of contemporary fairy tales, noisy and colorful, but often of little value, it is worth familiarizing the children with a classic talewho accompanied many generations in her childhood and taught what true courage, friendship and heroism were.

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