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"World Mission"

"Mission of the world" is a collection of stories, philosophical considerations, in a light, magical form. It is an atmosphere difficult to tell, which becomes the foundation for talking about what is important in life: tolerance, self-acceptance, love, fear and learning. Through the characters of the heroes: Bruno's teddy bear, Zimowit's teddy bear, Ażur's cat, Ślamazy's turtle and others, the author shows that everyone can become a hero in their lives. Everyone can be good.

The narrative, not hurriedly and not quite seriously, is so charming that it forces a smile not only on the lips of the child, but also of the parent. Wordplay, interesting selection of words makes this short story a masterpiece among similar items for children.

Although I do not like empty admiration for books, because they remind me too much about the pages on which everything boasts, my skills are too limited to give you the atmosphere of this book, without harming it. I think it's enough to read one of the stories to know what I mean by recommending this book.

Confirmation of this review full of peanuts may be the fact that "Mischief of the World" was awarded in the Second Literary Competition of Astrid Lindgren.

Thank you to Publicat for publishing a review copy of the book.