Time for mom

What is your excuse?

The 32-year-old fitness trainer and mother of three boys (eight-month, two-year and three-year) published on the Internet a photo in which she shows her muscular body and boasts of children.

The photograph also has the slogan: "And what is your excuse?". For some, this comment was received as a signal to reflect on themselves, others treated it as an effective motivator. However, there were also bitter assessments and negative opinions about the whole initiative. Many have looked at the picture below, felt offended. Is the creator of photography herself refuting the screenshots of those who were offended. Since they received her message so negatively, in her opinion, it means that they have a problem with their own appearance and do not feel good in their own skin. If it were otherwise, they would not have taken this photograph personally.

The fitness trainer from the photo says clearly: "I don't make you look the same as me. I just ask you, what excuse do you have not to look like this? Each of us has the same 24h available. Nobody got more or less. Everyone has an equal chance. Even if you have children, you can. "