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"Winnie goes to kindergarten"

The book "Kubuś goes to kindergarten" has one basic advantage: it allows the child to understand what he feels and wants. Not based on stereotypes and often repeated beliefs that boys do not cry, they are to be brave, but rather taking into account the individual needs of each person and their right to feel all emotions.

The story about Kubus consists of two parts. One is devoted to the situation at home, and actually how to prepare a child for kindergarten. The second part is about facing your own emotions: fear, loneliness, and longing. He focuses on feelings (giving a basis for conversation about them) and needs (sense of security, empathy, friendship, entertainment, love, etc.). In addition, it is interesting and original illustrated, which makes reading it even more interesting. The colors are part of the narrative and affect the imagination.

The story of Kubus was inspired by the idea of ​​Non-violent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

Black Sheep Publishing House.

I would recommend!