Small child

Pistol, tank, slingshot or maybe a sword? Should I buy military toys for children?

Toys are loved by children. This is beyond doubt. They were and are important. Probably not much will change in this topic in the future.

Sometimes we succumb to the whims and sometimes the desires of a toddler and buy the dream toy. Girls usually choose dolls and ponies, while boys choose blocks and cars. The choice of toys in stores is huge and sometimes, we parents, we can not decide what will be better for our child. We often reach for educational toys, but also ones that kids ask for.

Sometimes we wonder if the choice of a particular toy is adequate to the child's character, age and needs. As a boy's mother, I have a dilemma lately whether to buy military toys.

Playing with guns with older cousins ​​made my branch want such a toy. Like a water pistol, it seems trivial, but there are still swords, tanks, bows and pistols with different types of bullets. And then the fun of shooting, war, cutting off with the sword of the hand?

Probably none of the parents would like their child to use weapons in adult life. However, on the other hand, it's just fun that also develops the child in some way. Should boys or girls play with military toys? The parent should decide for himself because this type of entertainment has its pros and cons.