Contest results

"Taft" competition results

A lot of e-mails were sent to the editorial office address with answers to the competition question "What moments with the father are the most valuable for the child?". Mostly you emphasized the huge role of the father in raising children, you pointed out what you think is the most important in this amazing relationship. In many, you also gave advice and emphasized what you would like to change in your family. You mentioned the threats of the modern world.

We decided to highlight the two answers below.

"Regardless of what he will do and how long it will take him, certainly the most valuable are the moments when the father consciously and with full commitment intends to spend time with his child. They can play, make a snowman, read a book, sweep the floor, shop or watch a game show, anything - it's important that at this point dad is fully focused on his toddler.

Quite often fathers do not appreciate the moments spent together, they do not understand how much the children want their attention. Only comments. Presence. Conversations. Smile. No expensive toys, no distant trips. Just TOGETHER, truly spending time together. These moments are the most precious for children ... "Iwona P." I remember with the greatest fondness the moments when my father told me fairy tales before bedtime, or when I could ask him everything, and he tried to answer every question. However, I think that the most precious moments with a father are when a child needs a sense of security, because something bad is happening to him, which he does not fully understand, and that was the case when I was passing the mumps. I was suffering from pain, I couldn't sleep and I was looking at my watch when it was finally seven o'clock, because Dad will come from the third shift, and it won't hurt that much. I do not know why such thinking, maybe because when dad was at home, he always could focus my attention on something, and thus divert her from painful swelling. The feeling of security gave me that he always had an answer and never disposed of anything, and explained, because he had more patience than my mother. They complemented each other;) "Iwona M.