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Thin and delicate, a few words about children's hair

Hair in a child raises a lot of emotions. Especially when the first toddler is born. Young mom and dad often wonder Is it normalthat the newborn baby is bald or, on the contrary, that he has a thick hairstyle.

If hair appears, the questions center around color and structure. How is it possible that parents who are brunettes greet a toddler with blond hair, and mum and dad with blond hair hug a baby with red hair? There are also concerns about the effects of wiping the back of the hair and creating a bald cake. When a toddler turns one or two years old, parents often wonder how to improve the density of the hairstyle. There are also doubts that when is it worth going to the hairdresser for the first time ...

There are many questions. Are there any unequivocal, simple answers?

Newborn baby: bald or with hair?

There is no rule. Some newborns are bald, most have a small nap on their heads and only a small percentage of lush hair.

The first Italian are very delicate, to the touch like fluff or silk. They have a thin structure. All you need is a few hours of sleep to make your heads tangled enough.

Usually, the hair of children of darker races is slightly stronger, but they are still more delicate than hair in adults.

The first hair does not have much in common with the hairstyle that the child will have in subsequent years of life. Color, texture and density are around 6-7 years old. Sometimes you have to wait until 12-13 years to stabilize the shade of your hair. Most often, the hair darkens with age.

When do the first Italians fall out?

There is no rule here either. Most children, if they are born with hair (which arise in utero around 12 weeks of pregnancy), lose them in the first year of life, so that by the fourth month of life the hair is completely abraded. After this time, a new, proper hair grows out of the hair follicle.

Baby's first hair often happens wipe and fall out. This process can take place within a few weeks or suddenly. Hair can wipe with patches all over the head or only on the back or sides. Until now, doctors are not 100% sure of the reasons for these changes, although it is believed that they may be on the side of hormones.

When do the baby's first hair appear?

The first hair in babies who are born bald usually appears until they are six months old. If at this time the parent does not notice any sign of hair growth, consult a doctor.

You can not use any methods yourself to stimulate hair growth. If your child's hair does not grow long, do not grease the skin, apply specialized cosmetics, do massages, etc. It may happen that proper hair will not appear in the child until about his second birthday.