Pregnancy / Childbirth

What do you need to give up during pregnancy?

You learn that you will become a mother and for the good of the child and the development of pregnancy, you give up many pleasures: wine, drinks on Friday evening, a cigarette, strong coffee three times a day, fast food, long soaking up the sun ...

Some also have to say goodbye to their passion, a hobby that adds energy and allows you to minimize stress: mountain climbing, horse riding, diving, and weightlifting.

However are you sure? Should pregnancy "take away" our passions? Let's meet Lea-Ann Ellison, a 35-year-old from the United States, a weightlifting enthusiast who did not give up barbell even two weeks before delivery. In the photo above, her belly "hangs" low, ready for the important event of childbirth, yet the woman lifts the barbell over her head and seems to be doing it gracefully and without much problem.

Ellison emphasizes that she practiced for eight and a half months during pregnancy, thus proving that pregnancy does not have to change everyday life and take away the joy of hobby.

Is it really Has Lea Ann Ellison not gone too far? Isn't he risking too much? The photo we publish caused a lot of confusion, and his heroine gathered many condemnations, especially because of putting her own body and the life of the unborn child at risk. Too much risk. Do you think so too? Should one appreciate the work and discipline of a woman in maintaining perfect condition also during pregnancy?