Parental hits

"Dress Ups and Dressing Dolls"

Books with pull-outs are an interesting proposition for little girls. The simple construction of a dozen or so cards from thicker cardboard is interspersed with simple stories about princesses, flying fairies and little ballerinas. Inside you can find several dolls and matching outfits in various colors and designs.

The publisher, Firma Księgarska Olesiejuk, by making cuts enabled fast "putting on" clothes and accessories so that they do not fall out.

Young children can freely compose sets: combining dresses, pants, blouses, bags, shoes and hats with each other in selected configurations. Once the models are dressed, you can freely play with them to "remove" paper clothing and put it on again.

We will pay PLN 19.99 for 144 pages.

Well worth it! I would recommend!

Fun not only for little girls ... for those quite big too;)