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A list of manuals that does not exist. Disabled students deceived!

It is hard to resist the impression that what the Ministry of National Education does deserves to be unequivocal negative judgment. Unfortunately. All new reports only confirm the belief that Minister Krystyna Szumilas has a problem with successfully implementing the smallest change in the system, not to mention reforms.

No wonder that his parents mastered the Facebook profile of the Ministry of National Education a long time ago, setting the tone for him. There are plenty of negative entries and comments. It is difficult to find those that show even minimal sympathy and support for ruling activities. However, to the point.

Government promised disabled students (visually impaired, hearing impaired and mentally handicapped) funding for the purchase of textbooks. We wrote about it here. The problem is, according to Rzeczpospolita, that money in the amount of up to PLN 770 (over three times more than the standard amount) cannot be used by parents.

The Ministry enabled parents to take advantage of funding for the layette under one condition: textbooks are to come from the list created by the Ministry of National Education. The problem is that it cannot be met because there is no list of textbooks for students with moderate and severe disabilities.

The Ministry of National Defense defends itself by pointing to a list of textbooks for disabled children. However, experts emphasize that they can be used only for students with mild disabilities, for others they are useless.