Emolium bath emulsion

Emolium is a very popular bath emulsion. The manufacturer recommends it for children and adults with very dry, irritated and itchy skin. The emulsion is supposed to effectively moisturize and oil the skin and reduce water loss. Its regular use is to affect the softening and elasticity of the epidermis. Additionally, Emolium reduces the feeling of itching and susceptibility to irritation. The cosmetic is hypoallergenic, gently cleanses and moisturizes. It is recommended for children and babies as well as for adults with sensitive skin.


  • Mineral oil - mineral oil, also known as paraffin oil, chemically similar to petroleum jelly, odorless, colorless,
  • Isopropyl palmitate - emollient, thickener
  • Caprylic / capric triglyceride - greasy emollient
  • PEG-40 - i.e. poly (ethylene oxide), polyethylene glycol, acts as a solvent. Unfortunately, it does not enjoy good fame, because its production uses poisonous gas (ethyleneoxide), which can get into the cosmetic. Some sources indicate that peg damages cells.
  • Sorbitan-peroleate - emollient, emulsifier, surfactant
  • c12-13 pareth-3 - surfactant, emulsifier, enabling the formation of emulsions
  • butyrosperman parkii - shea butter with a high content of valuable fats, rich in allantoin, vitamin E, A, has a light protective filter.
  • macadamia ternifolia oil - macadamia seed oil, used to care for dry, irritated skin
  • zea mays oil - maize with high linoleic acid content.
  • persea gratissima oil - Avocado oil, the most valuable cosmetic oil, contains seven vitamins.
  • phenethyl alcohol - phenylethyl alcohol - moisturizes and possesses bacteriostatic properties
  • caprylyl glycol - caprylic glycol,
  • peg-8 - like polyethylene oxide above
  • tocopherol - vitamin E, has antioxidant effect, ensures the durability of the cosmetic and allows its use after a few months after production.
  • ascorbyl palmitate - Ascorbyl palmitate, a soluble form of vitamin C, food antioxidant
  • ascorbic acid - vitamin C,
  • citric acid - citric acid.

Emolium bath oil is available in a 200 ml bottle. The manufacturer attached a measuring cap so that the preparation can be dosed precisely.

How does the composition look like? In general, a plus. There are at least a few very good ingredients: maize, macadamia seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E. Mineral oil is in the first place, but this is typical of cosmetics for skin with AD. However, there is also something that raises controversy: PEG substances, which in some sources are presented in a bad light. Fortunately, the product is free from preservatives.

The product has a positive opinion of the Children's Health Center.

Price around 20 zlotys.

Overall rating