Small child

Crooked legs in a child

We want the child to be perfect, even if we don't realize it or admit it. We want the best for him and, above all, not to miss an important problem that requires medical consultation.

Many parents are concerned that their one-year, two-year, or even three-year-old child has crooked legs. He doesn't know if similar knees and "xes" at this age should worry or not.

Bow-shaped legs in a child

Bow-shaped legs after the age of one or two knees rubbing at each other at the age of two are normal legs. Complete straightening occurs only between 7 and 10 years of age. Until then, there is no reason for concern. If you notice crooked legs in your baby, do not buy special shoes, orthopedic insoles in advance, do not start exercising.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, your child's leg curves are not a disease condition.

When to see a doctor

  • if only one leg is curve,
  • if the curvature is striking,
  • if the child is clearly lower than their peers,
  • if an infant who lies flat and has legs joined together has a gap of more than 5 cm between the base of the femur at the knees, x-rays may be necessary to exclude some medical conditions, such as rickets or other bone development problems.

In the above situations, you may need an orthopedic or endocrinologist consultation.

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