Safe Sippy 2in1

Safe Sippy 2 in 1 is on one side non-spill cup, the other a cup with a straw. The manufacturer Kid Basix allows you to instantly turn a non-spill into a mug with a straw and vice versa. All without the need to change the nut, but by replacing the valve in an invisible place, under the part from which the child drinks.

Stainless steel

The most important feature of the Safe Sippy 2in1 mug is its design made of high quality stainless steel (which, when heated, does not emit any substances, allows maximum hygiene and safety of use). Plus, it's a big plus release of the product from BPA and phthalates (Some research results suggest that phthalates may interfere with the body's functioning, especially hormone secretion, and thus lead to serious diseases).

Plastic cover

The bottle has interesting plastic cover (thermo-plastic rubber), which on the one hand protects against temperature loss, thanks to which the drink does not heat up in the summer, and stays warm for longer in the winter, on the other, the colored casing provides an interesting design and effectively protects the bottle from damage, for example when dropping it on the floor.

A plus is also availability of a mug in different colors.

Age and weight

Safe Sippy 2in1, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for children from six months. In my opinion, it works rather with older toddlers. Also because of its weight. Compared to bottles made of plastic, the stainless steel cup is heavier and therefore less handy. Daughter after grabbing him immediately noticed his weight.

Way of drinking

The manufacturer offers two options: non-spill cup (i.e. allows drinking by tilting the cup) or a cup with a straw (without the "non-spill" option, the cup must be placed vertically, without lifting). Unfortunately, if we forget to put on a special cover, then with the "cup with a straw" option we have to take into account that some of the contents of the cup will spill out.


The cup's advantage is strong spout, which is virtually indestructible, unlike the flexible and thin straws, which are much easier to bite through. In addition, the mouthpiece is supposed to be better for bite than the wide spouts used in many non-spill cups due to the fact that it ensures better positioning of the lips when drinking from the cup. The mug is not intended to interfere in the child's palate development.


Safe Sippy has handle, easy grip, which can be easily removed. An indentation in the cup allows older children to grasp the cup comfortably.


Safe Sippy brings no washing problems. The mug is devoid of difficult places. It can be quickly cleaned of deposits and beverage residues. The bottle can also be washed in the dishwasher. 330 ml capacity.


Before buying, however, the price may be deterrent: 64 zlotys is quite a lot to be able to "buy with light" this product.

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My overall rating

(I subtract the asterisk for: weight, price and lack of option non-spill cup with straw)