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Preparations and frozen foods for the winter

Summer is the time when we have access to fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain many valuable ingredients and vitamins, so it's no wonder that we often give them to children who are also eager to eat them. Already at the beginning of summer, when the fruit season begins, it is worth at least some of the harvest for the winter in the form of preserves. Although juices or jams contain sugar, those prepared at home will be healthier and "more reliable" than those bought in the store. The main thing is to keep the right aroma, nutrition and taste. How to do it?

How to prepare preserves?

The first thing is choosing the right ingredient. Vegetables and fruit intended for preserves should be fresh, ripe and firm. We reject rotten, wormy or scratched.

Perfect products should come from organic farming or from your own garden, because only these give us guarantees of the highest quality. However, not everyone has the comfort of owning a plot of land with crops, so it's worth choosing proven supplier in the bazaar, looking for a farmer who will inspire our trust.

The fruit brought should be carefully wash or soakto get rid of sand debris, then just dry them a little or leave them in a colander for a while to let them drip.

The next step is preparation of appropriate containers and dishesin which we store preserves. Jars are most often used to prepare preserves.

The jars should be clean, so they must be thoroughly washed and dried. And best of all scald out in an oven or microwave at about 160 degrees Celsius. The lids should be equally clean and checked that they fit the jars and are not damaged. For frozen foods, plastic containers will be useful, which should be carefully washed and dried, and plastic bags.

A large pot with a lid will be useful for pasteurizing the jars, for frying jam, a pot with a thick bottom, e.g. a saucepan or a frying pan. Bowls for sorting fruits and vegetables, a sieve for fruit wiping, a wooden spoon, a driller when processing stone fruit, a juicer - when we prepare the juice will also be useful.

Here are 5 ways to store fruit and vegetables: