Moments to wait before the baby is 6 months old

With the first child you are still waiting for something, and with the second and the next you enjoy the moment that lasts.

The view on care and upbringing changes with experience. Most parents notice that it is easier. It calms down, calms down, changes the idea of ​​motherhood about what is the "norm" and what is not. He doesn't care and stresses anymore. He knows that the child grows very quickly and changes dynamically, which is why something that worries one day, the next one is often mentioned with affection.

What moments are we looking forward to before the child is six months old?

Return home

A quick return after delivery to a home where a partner or parents are waiting is for many young people a moment they miss when lying in the hospital. With an idyllic vision of motherhood, we often imagine "politely" a sleeping baby in a cradle, falling asleep tasty by the breast or by the bottle. Later it turns out how many of these visions had to do with reality ... but that's a topic for another article.
When a second or subsequent child is born, hospital stay is often seen as an opportunity to regenerate. A young mother knows that if she rests away from home, she will be stronger. A stay in the hospital is treated as moments forgiven from heaven. In a home with older children, rest may be more difficult. An experienced mother already knows about this ...

On the other hand, sometimes returning home goes away in time due to illness, perinatal complications and then you miss the known four walls particularly badly.