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Free pneumococcal vaccination Warsaw

If you are interested in vaccinating your child against pneumococci, we encourage you to go to the website where there is a list of facilities where you can do it for free. In this way, you can save about three hundred or four hundred zlotys (one dose for children over two years of age). Everything as part of the "Health Mama i Ja" campaign.

The action applies to children aged 24-36 months. It runs until December 6 (or the money runs out). A list of branches can be found here.

Free pneumococcal vaccinations up to September 15 can also be used by three-year-olds previously registered for the program financed by the City Hall in Ełk. A similar program is implemented in the municipalities of Ruciane Nida and Lubawa.

Pneumococci are the most common cause of community-acquired, bacterial respiratory tract infections, especially otitis media, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis, as well as the most common cause of community-acquired pneumonia.