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"A great book of preschoolers. From toddler to old man ”

There are different views on kindergartens. Many parents say that children starting education around the age of three develop faster, become bold, independent, and more disciplined. This does not mean, however, that a toddler who stays at home with his parents must be "injured" at the outset. Although this situation certainly requires more determination, patience and strength on the part of parents to propose to the child every day such forms of activity that will not allow boredom and meet his growing requirements.


A book with tasks and puzzles was created for those who failed to send the toddler to kindergarten and for parents who want to support the development of a child of about three years old.

According to the authors: "the pace of development of preschool children, especially three-year-olds, is very uneven. The observed individual differences are common and normal, "which is why you can find a lot of different exercises in this statement.

Among them are those that for our 32-month-old daughter were very simple, she had to think about others longer, and yet she did not understand others and had to solve them with us, which in practice looked like we were giving the correct answer.

The preschooler's big book is a collection of tasks divided into 365 days a year and four seasons (a great idea!). Individual tasks are marked with symbols that indicate which areas and skills can be developed through them. It is worth mentioning that among the tasks developing perceptiveness, memory and speech there are also those that stimulate the child's motor development.

The big advantage of this set is also well-chosen graphics and price (PLN 19.99) for 190 pages of puzzles and other activities for the toddler.

I would recommend!

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