Time for mom

Parental leave for everyone

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy published information about a change in regulations that entered into force a few days ago.

"On September 1, new regulations came into force, thanks to which the state will finance social security contributions for parents - self-employed, working under civil law contracts, and farmers and the unemployed - looking after children.

For people who have at least six months of insurance experience immediately before using the option of insurance in connection with childcare - it will be 60 percent. projected average monthly salary. For people without insurance experience, the unemployed and with less than six months' experience - it will be 75% minimum remuneration for work.

For people with at least six months of insurance experience, the budget will finance contributions for retirement, disability and health insurance. In the case of persons who have not been insured so far or who have an insurance period shorter than six months, the budget will only finance contributions for retirement insurance.

Uninsured persons will be able to choose the ZUS or KRUS insurance system. "

Parental leave 2013

The new provisions, which will come into force in October, will also be adapted to the amendment to the Labor Code of 26 July 2013, which introduces into the Polish system the provision that one of 36 months of leave must be used by the other parent, i.e. in practice usually father.

An employee who wants to get a vacation will have to submit an application 2 weeks before the planned date of transition to parental leave.