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"Motherhood is easy and other lies that are heard by new mothers"

You can write like this: this guide is different. In many ways, it stands out from the background of available books for young parents. You will not find here the instructions for navel care, cradle cap or painful teething. The author focuses on parenting issues, especially changes that follow the baby's birth.

However, it does not do it the way other guides are written. It fits into the trend of unblocking motherhood, but in an original tone: shares knowledge slightly humorous revealing a heavy curtain of secrets and facts that many of us find difficult to admit. Writing that motherhood is not easy, he shows how to facilitate this difficult role in order not to lose yourself.Claudine Wolk is a columnist, author of many articles devoted to motherhood, author of a page for new mothers. Active in helping mothers returning after "raising children" to work.

What is striking when reading this also author's strong personality, opposing self-sacrifice and forgetting about herself according to the principle that the mother "should". Describing various aspects of childcare: feeding, sleeping, work, Wolk draws attention to the needs of young mothers who should have the chance to take care of themselves. Still emphasizing the trivial truth that only a happy mother can raise a happy child, she gives specific tips on how to make motherhood really easier. The main thing is to change the way you think ...

"The world is full of women unpleasantly surprised by the constant hardships of motherhood, still amazed at how their work can be wonderful and tiring" Anna Quindlen

Wolk writes about the guilt that accompanies parents, the constant struggle of two needs: their own and their own, embarrassment resulting from the need to return to work, the problem of self-development and the constant feeling that something is lost (when you stay at home with your child and dream about professional development when working and worrying about what is happening to the child, thinking about those moments that are passing forever).

However, this is not another trivial guide with thousands of remarks and truths that every mother knows. It is really a soberly written book that tries to indicate the golden mean in which the needs of each family member are at least met in the basic version.

Wolk advises how to look after the house when you have a child at home who does not give us a chance to rest for at least 5 minutes, how to cook, clean or find time for the morning shower. Although many of the advice provided in this guide may be outraged especially perfect mothers, it is impossible not to notice that their implementation can make life easier, because in fact doing the most difficult work under the sun, which is raising children, it is impossible to be perfect all the time. It is impossible to give everything and even more, because eventually some of us will rebel. You need to maintain even basic harmony, because by quoting a classic, only she can save us.

To sum up: a good position for expectant mothers, especially those expecting their first child.