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Your childhood memories. Results of the competition organized with Jelp

Beloved, your competition answers surprised us once again. With great pleasure we read all ... In the competition organized with Jelp you could win as many as 5 sets of products. Each set contains: 1) JELP Color Classic Powder 2.24 kg 2) JELP Fresh 1l Gel 3) Fabric softener JELP Sensitive 1l 4) Spot stain remover 250ml 5) Hypoallergenic wet wipes Jelp products go to the following people: "Children's Day associates I feel special.
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University with a kindergarten!

The University of Opole paves the way. As the first in the country will have a kindergarten. Children and students will be allowed in the facility. Pedagogy students will look after the children. The kindergarten is to be called the Children's Laboratory University. The initiative to create it came from students.
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Are children cruel?

Do you remember what the Tambor bunny says to Bambi? & 34; If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it & 34 ;. We could now apply the advice more times! ... Children often have no qualms about making firewood from the fallen tree.When one of my children hears us reprimand their brother, they do not hesitate to add more fuel to the fire, adding something against him.
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